She Thinks He's A Stranger At First, Then It Dawns On Her - She Breaks Down (Video)

The world's most famous performance artist, Marina Abramovic, was being celebrated in retrospect at the Museum of Modern Art. Abramovic participated in a performance piece during the exhibit in which she sat and shared a silent moment with thousands of visitors, one at a time. One particular moment stood out above the rest.

Abramovic sat in a chair at a table in silence looking down. One by one, ticket holders who spent hours in line stepped up to sit at the other side of the small table. Abramovic would look up and share a minute in silence with each guest in turn. At one point, however, she looks up and sees a familiar face.

When Abramovic was a young woman in the 70s, she and her lover, Uwe Laysiepen, found kindred spirits in each other. They became a performance team called 'The Other' and collaborated for more than 20 years. The couple felt like two halves of the same whole, and completely lost themselves in each other during their performances.

In 1988, the couple split up the act and the relationship. Their last performance together started with each on the opposite side of the Great Wall of China. They walked towards each other, and when they finally met in the middle they embraced and said goodbye. They hadn't seen each other since.

That was until a nervous Laysiepen walked towards Abramovic nervously, adjusting his jacket. He sat down at the chair opposite his former lover. When Abramovic looked up, her eyes widened and her face lit up with recognition.

The two shared a deep and poignant minute gazing at each other in total silence. Their expressions said it all. Tears sprang from each person's eyes. Before it was over, they reach across the table and clasped hands.

It was a beautiful moment.

Source: AWM
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