Only Once On The Price Is Right Did This Ever Happen - Incredible (Video)

If you're a fan of the game show 'The Price is Right', you undoubtedly know that sometimes the most unlikely things can happen. Some contestants, even with the odds against them, get extremely lucky; on the flip side, some contestants who look like they have it in the bag get extremely unlucky. This one contestant did something that no one has ever done before, or since.

Jose's was called to 'come on down' and he took his spot among the other hopeful contestants. When an exercise bike came up, Jose was the last to bid. One of the other contestants bid $1,000. Jose bid $999.

If you know the price is right, you know this was not a smart move. For those who have never watched the game, the idea is to be the contestant who comes closest to the price without going over. By bidding just $1 below his fellow contestant, Jose didn't leave himself with much leeway.

"You realize that the odds are really against you," then-host Bob Barker told Jose. "After all, we have been on for 35 years and it has never happened. It's not a good bid because you have to be exactly right to win."

As Barker jokingly 'scolded' Jose, the happy player just humored him.

"The actual retail price," Barker said, pulling a tag out of an envelope, "is... $999!"

Barker was floored, the audience went nuts, and Jose jumped for joy and took his place on the stage. In addition to winning the exercise machine, Jose also won a $500 cash prize.

Jose's amazing longshot bid happened 25 years ago, and in 60 years, none of the hosts or viewers have seen anything else like it.

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