Obnoxious Kid And His Mother At Burger King Taught A Lesson In Manners

A Reddit user posted a story about a trip to Burger King. Some people see him as a villain for his actions, while others see him as a hero. Still, others wonder if he made the story up. You decide for yourself; the original post has since been deleted, but here's what (allegedly) happened.

A man says he decided to treat himself to lunch at Burger King, but the line was very slow. Apparently, they were shorthanded and only had one register opened with a trainee.

The man said a woman and child were in line behind him. The spoiled, bratty child was throwing tantrums and making noise. He would throw his video game to the floor whenever something didn't work out the way he wanted it. He'd scream and hit his mother, shouting, "I want fucking pie!"

The mother, according to the storyteller, was busy ignoring her son's horrible behavior. She talked on the cell phone, only stopping occasionally to reassure him that he would get pie for lunch.

The redditor says he asked the lady to please quiet her child down, but she rudely told him to mind his own business.

When it was the man's turn at the counter, he bought his burgers and asked for all the pie they had left. He purchased the last 23 pies and took off.

The spoiled child wailed, and the furious mother argued with the cashier. The man says he stood a safe distance across the food court slowly eating one and staring at them. Before the mother could get to him for a confrontation, he disappeared into the crowd.

If it actually happened, would you rate this man as a hero or a villain?

Source: Gawker
Photo: Mindaugas Danys/Flickr

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