Model Takes to the Streets of Venice Beach Wearing Nothing But Paint, The Response Will Amaze You

In today’s fast paced world, many of us don’t pause to observe the people around us. What other people look like or what they wear pales in comparison to our phone screen in many cases.

In a social experiment launched by the Daily Mail in March, 2017, a female model pranced around the streets of Venice Beach wearing nothing but a coat of paint. The idea of the experiment was to determine how many people noticed anything different about her appearance and to see how many people would spot that she was completely naked underneath the painted-on bikini she was “wearing.”

The model’s name was Octavio Solis and she is a professional body painter who spent approximately 2 hours preparing the painted-on look for the experiment. During the time Ms Solis spent wandering the streets and boulevards of Venice Beach, a total of 25 people appeared to notice her nudity. The response from these observant individuals ranged from astonishment, to interest and even appreciation of the work.

An unidentified man along the beachside queried “Is it painted on?,” before responding with “beautiful” when Ms Solis nodded. Another man sitting on the bench said “Great artwork right there.” Several people even requested to take photos with Ms Solis, who unabashedly agreed.

The outrageous experiment has garnered massive online traction with thousands of views and comments. However, while many viewers and readers have praised the brave actions of the model, a great number of people have questioned the validity and purpose of the experiment with one reader commenting “And the point of it all is…???”

Another viewer was outraged at the hypocritical and inappropriate behavior, saying “Double standards! Apparently it's ok for this woman to walk around naked, but if I do it I'm creepy” and “scaring the local school children!’ It remains unclear what the results of this experiment will be used for, and Ms Solis has denied that she was just after attention.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Daily Mail

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