Kids Climb All Over What Seems To Be Great Beach Buoy, Turns Out To Be Unexploded Mine

Although World War II ended over seven decades ago, unexploded artillery shells, mine, and bombs are still regularly found across the United Kingdom. 32-year-old Kelly Gravell, a mother of two, was relaxing on a beach near Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, when she and her children spotted what they believed to be a large, seaweed-covered buoy. Five days later, she was stunned to learn of the beach closure after Carmarthenshire Council rangers spotted the 70-year-old sea mine and brought in the bomb squad to carefully detonate it.

The family wasted no time in letting the world know about their surprising revelation. Gareth Gravell, 34, husband of Kelly, and father of their two children posted the following on Facebook: “So the buoy my kids were jumping on all weekend turns out to be a WWII bomb. Oops. The tide was up so we discovered what we later learned was the bomb - we just thought it was a buoy.”

Kelly commented: “We were more interested in the barnacles on it and the kids were looking at them while Gareth noticed that it had a chain on. I even made the joke that it was a big bomb at the time but did not think anything of it. It was only afterward when the reality has set in that we were actually very lucky. We were close to disaster - it's shocking.”

Source: Mail Online

Photo: Fox 6 News

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