Here’s When OJ Simpson Will Be Released From Jail

The rise and fall of OJ Simpson came back into the spotlight in a big way last year - courtesy of several well-received television specials that documented his fall from grace. FX took the approach of retelling the Simpson story with an all-star cast in ‘The People vs. OJ Simpson,’ while ESPN dug a little deeper to deliver a documentary detailing his complete rise and fall in ‘OJ: Made in America.’

As Sports Illustrated shares, the Juice could be back on the loose as soon as this summer. He’s up for parole at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada - where he’s currently serving time for his role in a botched robbery - and speculation is ramping up on whether or not he will once again be a free man (relatively speaking).

It’s pretty hard to remember, but there was a time that OJ was a pretty big deal for non-criminal reasons. He followed up a stellar football career at the collegiate level with a smooth transition to the pros, and it wasn’t long before the charismatic athlete had a plethora of other opportunities at his disposal. Simpson would appear on both the small and big screens, and he made some iconic commercials for a number of brands. Fast forward to June 13, 1994, and it would all come crashing down.

Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson was found brutally murdered, along with her acquaintance, Ronald Goldman. That set off an absolutely stunning turn of events, and Simpson was eventually arrested and faced a jury trial over his role in the murders. He would be found not guilty on the criminal side, but a subsequent civil trial would find him liable for the deaths. That led to an even further downhill slide for the Juice, as he was on the hook for a substantial amount of coin.

A series of poor decisions would culminate in a botched burglary attempt in Las Vegas, and he was arrested to face another trial. That judge threw the book at him, and he’s been behind bars since 2008. Simpson turns 70 this year, and reports indicate that he’s a broken man - both physically and mentally - that’s desperate to be sprung loose. Speculation abounds that he will be granted parole this time around, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. If he’s denied, his next chance comes in 2022, when he will be 75-years-old.

Source: Sports Illustrated
Photo: Wikimedia

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