Complaining Customer Won't Stop, Then He Sees Cashier's Pin And Instantly Shuts Up

A video has been making the rounds of some instances at a San Francisco grocery store, but this isn’t your typical clip touting customers or employees behaving badly. Instead, the video shows the store engaging in a little social experiment to bring attention to an issue that affects the community as a whole.

As AWM shares, the store is located in an affluent area, and the aim of the experiment was to draw attention to what it’s like for those that live in poverty. The San Francisco Bay Area is notable for an astronomic cost of living, so you can only imagine what it must be like to attempt to make ends meet with limited funds.

The store worked in conjunction with social justice and poverty relief organization Tipping Point Community to pull off this little test, which played out to mixed results. Customers were stunned when they came to check out routine items and find they came with an astronomical price tag, but the whole point was to show what the regular cost of these items is like for folks that are less fortunate.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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