This Barely Seen, Rare Elvis Performance May Actualy Be His Greatest

Even today in 2017, Elvis Presley is still the King. The famous rock-and-roll legend had dozens of chart-topping songs including It’s Now or Never and Jailhouse Rock, and he continues to inspire musicians to this day. Of course, the King sadly passed away back in 1977 at the young age of 42.

When the clip begins, Presley can be seen on stage talking to an assistant. The assistant hands him a few extra scarves as Presley waves to the crowd and hands the scarfs from around his neck to the adoring women screaming at him. The first song you hear on the clip is the classic romantic ballad Falling in Love with You. You can see in the video that Presley is moving a bit slow compared to the high-energy shows of his youth, but he can still belt out a love song with the best of them.

The good news is Elvis Presley left quite a few memorable recording of his incredible live performances. However, not all that many people have seen the rare video clip of the King’s final concert performance in late June of 1977 at The Market Square Arena, in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, Presley died just a few days later.

Source: Metaspoon
Photo: YouTube

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