15-Month-Old Defends Herself In Hilarious Fashion After Dad Tells Her What To Do

Anyone who has spent much time around kids knows that toddlers can say the funniest things. In this video, we have a 15-month-old girl named Lola deciding to stand on top of a television table just for fun.

However, her Dad is too happy with her decision, so yells over at her and says that she needs to get off the table. Lola, however, is obviously a young woman of some character, and she is not going to acquiesce to her dad without an argument.

It’s a bit difficult to hear just what Lola was saying in the video, but you can certainly tell how passionate she is about what she is saying, and clearly believes she has every right to stand on top of the table. The hilarious exchange goes on for a few moments until the quick thinking Lola finally runs out of reasons that she should be able to stay on top of the table and Dad scoops her up off the table.

This is one of those too-cute videos that anyone who loves kids should definitely watch. By the same token, it’s also clear that Lola’s parents are going to be facing a major challenge in raising a headstrong young lady like that!

Source: Shareably
Photo: Shareably

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