Woman Shot: Was It Suicide Or Her Husband?

A woman was in a coma for months before she finally woke up and talked about what had happened. Her confession shocked everyone. Jessica Boynton was found in her closet with a bullet in her head. She woke up to tell everyone who did it.

Police were called to the scene by Boynton's husband, Matthew Boynton, a Griffin Police Officer. He called 911 to tell them that he was scared for his wife's life. Apparently she had sent him a scary suicidal text so he wanted someone to check on her.

Police arrived only moments later at the house to find Jessica Boynton in the closet in a pool of her own blood. Apparently the mother of two shot herself in the head. However, by some miracle she was still alive.

Newly released footage shows officers speaking. Officer one: "She's still breathing." Officer two: "Hang on sweetie, OK? She's trying to get up."

They got her to the hospital and spent nearly one month in a coma. Initially she said to police that she had never touched her husband's gun and had no idea who shot her. She did not think she had shot herself.

She also did not think her husband had anything to do with it, saying, "It’s possible, but I mean it’s very doubtful, because he’s never hurt me before. I mean he might have grabbed my arm before, but I don’t think he would intentionally do anything to hurt me.” With DNA evidence and her statement, the shooting was ruled a suicide and Officer Boynton was cleared of any suspicion.

Immediately after the incident Officer Boynton sued for sole custody. Now Jessica has a different version of the events. She said the emergency room surgeon said she did not have any gun residue so her injuries did not seem self inflicted. She also said that her phone did not have a lock on it so anyone could have sent that text, including her husband. Police are still investigating what story is the truth.

Source: AWM
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