Toddler Says A Man Comes To Talk To Him Every Night

What would you do if your child told you that a man comes to talk to him every night when he is alone in his room? One three-year-old toddler told his parents that every night when he is alone in his room a man comes and talks to him. For a while they did not take him seriously but when the child kept bringing it up they thought it was best to look into it.

The parents found out that it was not an actual person coming to talk to their baby or a friendly ghost like Casper. Someone had hacked their baby monitor and was having conversations with their child.

Parents and Jay and Sarah had waited in their son's room to investigate and heard a voice from the baby monitor saying, "Wake up little boy, daddy's looking for you." When Sarah walked into the room the voice made a comment. The baby monitor camera also followed everyone's movements when they were not controlling it.

The couple spoke to the baby monitor company who told them the most likely explanation was that it had been hacked by someone else who was controlling it through a computer or application. However, there was no way to track who was controlling the monitor and speaking through it. According to the Huffington Post, “baby monitors with Wi-Fi can be hacked from virtually anywhere in the world.”

The Information Commissioner's Office said in 2016, “A lack of security when it comes to devices could mean that a search engine is used by criminals to locate vulnerable devices and then gain access to them or others on your home network. An attacker could then use your equipment to mount attacks on others or take your personal data to commit identity fraud.”

The video was posted on YouTube which got a lot of comments such as, “Seriously all of your digital cameras are easy as all hell to hack even your phone’s camera,” “that’s messed up,” and “that’s why you don't buy a camera monitor and buy an audio monitor.”

Source: AWM
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