Oregon Babysitter Abuses Child But Legal Technicality Lets Her Off The Hook

Finding a good babysitter can be a difficult task for parents who are trying to have some time for themselves or work some extra hours at the office. While many babysitters are kind-hearted, trusted people, there are certain individuals who abuse the trust of their employers and commit horrific crimes against the children they are supposed to be caring for. A couple in Oregon have been floored by the news that the babysitter they hired had abused their 1-year-old child.

The unnamed couple had hired a babysitter to watch over their child while they went out on a date. However, in a horrific turn of events, when they checked in on their baby in the early hours of the morning, they discovered that the unnamed infant was covered in bruises and welts. The horrified parents realized that the babysitter was responsible and immediately informed the local authorities. Social services and police officers conducted a comprehensive review of the situation and filed a detailed report, including pictures and testimonies from the infant’s parents. Shockingly, despite the multitude of evidence, the abusing babysitter was unable to be charged with assault. Under Oregon law, the evidence presented by authorities was inadmissible as the victim was unable to identify the culprit and verbally articulate that she was hurt against her will. The 1-year-old’s parents were outraged by the inexplicable law that didn’t exempt their child who was obviously incapable of speaking or identifying people.

Outraged and dismayed, the parents of the child took to social media and spoke with online news outlets to draw attention to their plight. Recently, the story has gained massive media attention, prompting Oregon District Attorney (DA) to investigate the incident. It is hoped that the baby has not been harmed long term and it remains to be seen whether the young child’s parents will ever trust another babysitter.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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