Mysterious Death Of Young Boy

Anthropologists studying a now closed school for boys in Florida have unearthed a shocking discovery. The Dozier School For Boys was known for mysterious deaths from various causes, such as dormitory fires, influenza, pneumonia and others. A grave on site marked with 31 white crosses always hinted at the horrors that had existed there before it shut down for good.

Thomas Curry was believed to have died at the notorious juvenile detention center over 90 years ago. The cause of his death was disputed even at that time, as records mention conflicting reports of him being hit by a train and being killed on a bridge. It was only twenty-nine days after arriving that the 17-year-old died under mysterious circumstances. No one at the school reported his death to authorities.

His casket was returned to his family in Pennsylvania, where he was buried. In 2008, an investigated lead to his death certificate being found. It stated that he had died from his skull being crushed. When the casket was finally exhumed no body was found. The entire time it had been buried, for over 90 years, it had been filled with pieces of wood. There were no bones, clothes or any sign he had ever been in it. All that was found were wooden planks.

"It was a little bit of a shock. It was certainly anticlimactic," said Tom McAndrew of the Pennsylvania State Police."Something was shipped up from Florida, and it was buried, and someone believed it was Thomas Curry." Although the mystery has not yet been solved, authorities are adamant they are right in pushing forward for more answers.

"It definitely had to be done," McAndrew said. "We had to at least open the grave if this investigation down in Florida is going to be resolved."

Source: CNN
Photos: CNN, YouTube

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