Murdered Toddler Finally Gets Justice After Abusive Mom Is Arrested

Three years ago, a mother called the police to report a missing toddler. The mother called 911 and said she woke up and found her 3-year-old child gone. She waited a couple of hours, then called for help. After a grueling search that lasted four days, police and volunteers didn't turn up any sign of the little girl.

Now, the truth has finally come out.

Lena Lunsford told police she saw her daughter, Aliayah, sleeping earlier that morning, but when she checked at 9 am, the child was gone. The girl has not been seen since.

At the time, Lunsford was pregnant with twins, which would bring her total children to six. Shortly after Aliayah's disappearance, her siblings were all taken from the home on unrelated incidents. Lunsford and her partner lost parental rights.

While Aliayah was still missing, Lena moved to Florida and went on with her life. Police have finally been able to find the evidence they need to arrest her and charge her with Aliayah's murder.

A witness admitted to seeing Lunsford strike her daughter on the head in the family home. The toddler fell to the floor from the injury.

Lunsford wouldn't allow anyone to come near or hold Aliayah, and refused to call for help. Hours later, the little girl died.

Instead of reporting the death, Lunsford instructed witnesses to lie. She then faked a kidnapping and hid Aliayah's body. The body has still not been found, but police do have witness testimony. Lunsford was extradited to West Virginia and indicted on murder charges, among others. She could face life in prison if convicted.

“I still can’t wrap my head around what she did to Aliayah," said the victim's shocked great aunt, Vicki Bowen. "I just can’t imagine anyone being that evil, that cruel to not even let anyone else comfort that child and they said it took hours for her to die. That’s heartless, that’s cold, that’s cruel. I don’t know how someone could do that to their own child, I really don’t.”

Source: Rewind The Past
Photos: WSAZ3 News

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