Man Sues Uber for $45 Million, Blames Them for Ruining His Marriage

A man from France says his marriage is on the fritz, and he blames Uber, the online transportation network company. A glitch on the company's computer system apparently led his wife to believe he went places he shouldn't have been, and she left him. He's suing the company for $45 million.

The French businessman, whose name has not been released, resides in Côte d’Azur in the south of France. He took his wife's cellphone once and used it to log into the transportation company through an app. After taking his journey, he says he logged out of the app.

Unfortunately, the app, he alleges, was glitched. It ended up notifying his wife about all sorts of travels, listing a number of pick-up and drop-off points. Even though the man insisted that he had logged off the app, the wife concluded that the many had been cheating.

The wife filed for a divorce, and the man has now filed a lawsuit against Uber for what he sees as their role in the downfall of his marital bliss.

Uber refused to comment on the case. A spokesperson for the company says that they do 'not publicly comment on individual cases, including the case of divorce proceedings between spouses'.

Glitches in Uber apps are nothing new, however. Le Figaro, a French newspaper that reported the story, investigated the app and found that there is, indeed, a bug in it-- particularly in the older version. It also only shows up on iPhones, according to the newspaper.

One real question that has not been answered yet is this: was the man cheating, or wasn't he? It's unclear if the locations that kept popping up on his wife's account were places he'd actually been, or if the entire record was just mistaken altogether. And if he had been to the locations, was he with a mistress?

Many people on social media feel that if he did, in fact, cheat, he's not going to have a leg to stand on with Uber in court. “You cheat on your wife, yet Uber is to blame for your divorce?” tweeted Laura Brown. “You’ve Got [sic] to be kidding.”

Source: New York Post
Photo: Shutterstock

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