You Won't Believe Who Was Protecting This Toddler

Often animals in the wild are known to be maternal and adopt animals of other species. One such baby was protected by a pack of dogs when he was lost in the woods.

Cassandra Violet Bustamante, 26, was asleep in her home while her baby boy was outside, far away from their home. Someone saw a child outside and called the local authorities of San Bernadino County. They came to find a baby boy in only a diaper sitting in the rain with a pack of several dogs around him. Every time the officer tried to help him, one of the dogs would become aggressive and try to keep him away.

According to local news sources, the police were able to free the boy and take him home. When they arrived at the Bustamante household they found two other children and several dogs inside. It was unclear if they were actually pets or they had wandered into the house. Authorities told the press Bustamante did not know how the toddler got out of the house. Child Protective Services was called and the children were given to their father. The story went viral and many people spoke about the pack of dogs that protected the toddler:

“Amazing story of his protectors. 7 dogs would normally be in pack mode. They took that child and protected him as best as they could. I would imagine that protective instinct was keeping the officer from getting that child out of the cold rain and he had no choice. The baby comes first. Seeing that the dog is recovering, most likely the officer didn't shoot to kill. He did the right thing. The dog is recovering, the child is recovering and safe. They can sort out this story without a single death. Good job!”

“Some people don't deserve dogs.. They are just good natured, protectors. Man's best friend. And some people have the audacity and inhumanity to do the things that they do to them. This is incredible really.”

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