Special Needs Boy Can't Really Make Friends, Watch When He Meets This Horse

One little special needs boy seems friendly and outgoing, however, his disorder makes it very difficult for him to make friends. That's when he encountered an unlikely candidate. When the two met, something wonderful happened.

The little boy, known only as 'Ezra', has Williams Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that gives him 'elfin' features and results in developmental delays. He also has difficulty with language and various other health conditions due to the extremely rare disorder.

People with Williams Syndrome have unusually high social tendencies. They're overly-sociable, with what psychologists sometimes call a 'cocktail party' personality. But Ezra has had a lot of trouble making friends with his impairments.

That's when Ezra's mother placed him near a horse. The horse immediately became curious and approached Ezra, gently and slowly. Ezra at first couldn’t even make eye contact with the horse; as it came closer, Ezra slowly turned to face it, kiss it, and even reach out for the big, majestic creature.

Ezra's mom posted the video of their meeting to YouTube and explains that a horse's emotional intelligence and ability to 'feel' special children never ceases to amaze her.

"When I got home and watched the video I realized the power of that moment of my son and the horse," she said in the video description. "The horse followed every movement of the child, yet allowed the child to approach and contact him. When [Ezra] hugged his leg and was close to him, the horse was not a moment dared to change the angle it is his standing as if afraid to hurt him or step on the child all the time the child was close to him. You can see the horse being attentive to the child's side every moment, even when it seemed he was just standing still and resting."

The very sweet moment set to music is a heart tugger.

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Photo: AWM

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