She Followed A Stray Dog Because Of An Odd Feeling - Now She's A Hero (Video)

‘Listen to your gut’ is a popular piece of advice that gets thrown out on the regular, but actually putting it into practice can prove to be challenging. While your intuition is leading you one way, your brain and heart can send conflicting signals, and that can lead those struggling with a decision to throw their hands up in confusion. As AWM shares, this adorable video just may make you realize once and for all that the age-old advice should be followed to the letter.

Ellen Sobry is a veterinarian from Spain, and she just so happened to come across a badly injured stray dog. Her friend, Lianne, joined her in the effort to rescue the animal, and they were able to bring the female greyhound to Sobry’s clinic for treatment. After getting the pooch mended up, Sobry knew something still wasn’t right.

“After giving her first treatments and stabilizing her broken leg we took her back to where she was found because we saw she was producing milk so somewhere she had puppies,” she explained on social media.

That led them to bring the pup back to the spot that she had found her, and the amazing mama dog led them straight to her litter. The friends were able to scoop all of the 10 pups up and bring them back to the clinic with mom, and all are said to be doing just fine. Sobry posted a video detailing the amazing story, and users continue to eat it up.

“Omg it’s like I could see pain of not be able to much in that dog’s face she just wanted her babies to have a good life she is so skinny made me cry, but I’m glad there was a rescue,” shared one user.

“Poor mama is so skinny, thank goodness she and her babies are rescued. Hope they can all find loving homes!” shared another.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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