Pit Bull Decides To Do Something Else After Owner Commands Him To Bite Police

In a strange story out of Florida, a man was bitten in the butt by his own pit bull when he tried to get the dog to attack police attempting to arrest him.

Avery Davis, 26, clearly cared about his dog. However, according to local media sources, a would-be thief ended up having to run from both the cops and his own dog.

Officers came up to Davis as part of an investigation in to a burglary in the neighborhood.

It seems that when police first ordered Davis to lie on the ground, he complied while holding on to his dog with him. A few seconds later though, he jumped up and ran off, yelling, "y'all gonna have to kill us."

One officer fired a stun gun at Davis, which brought him down. Davis got up though and released his dog from his leash, yelling: "kill ’em boy, kill ’em,” while pointing toward officers.

The dog instead turned around and bit his owner in the rear and tried to get in more bites before Davis ran away.

The suspect was located under an SUV in an apartment complex a few minutes later, but fled again before finally being caught.

Davis was briefly hospitalized before being released into police custody. He currently faces charges including aggravated assault on a law-enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

Source: New York Daily News
Photo: Palm Beach Post

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