One Hour After Hiking His Dog Dies, Vet Reveals What Really Killed The Dog

A routine walk that a Colorado woman took with her three-year-old Border Collie dog ended in peril and tragedy. The family took a walk through the Horsetooth Reservoir and by the end of the excursion, the dog appeared unwell and he was taken to the vet.

The vet reported that throughout the duration of the walk, the dog was chewing on a plant known as deadly water hemlock. During the mid-summer season, in July, water hemlock thrives in wetlands, marshes, and river banks throughout America and they bloom with minute clusters of white flowers. This plant is fatal for dogs; a few bites can kill them in a matter of two hours.

Upon contact with water hemlock, the dog will display signs of nervousness and their eyes will begin to dilate. The following symptoms are quite gruesome, consisting of twitching, drooling, convulsions, and seizures. If the consumption amount is minimal, the dog has a possibility of survival, but will live with afflictions of a damaged heart and skeletal muscles. If the dog consumes too much of the water hemlock, respiratory paralysis and death will follow.

If a dog ingests water hemlock, vomiting should be induced immediately and the dog should be rushed to the nearest vet. Keep your dog away from water hemlock.

Source: Hero Viral
Photo: Hero Vira, Wikipedial

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