No One Would Help This Poor Dog, So They Took Matters Into Their Own Hands

Animal lovers - and anyone with a conscious, for that matter - can be quick to jump to the defense of a helpless animal that they feel is being mistreated. In a perfect world, the authorities will be alerted to a situation that’s potentially harmful for a four-legged friend, and they will investigate and remove the animal as needed. But what do you do when your calls for help go unheeded? According to Little Things, these concerned neighbors took matters into their own hands.

The neighbors were concerned about an elderly dog that lived at one of the homes on the block. The dog was constantly chained on the outside of the house even in the harshest of conditions, and to make matters worse, it even appeared as if the dog’s owners had muzzled him. They made numerous calls to police to rectify the situation, but their calls for help fell on deaf ears.

One day, they finally had enough and took it into their own hands. They made the controversial decision to free the dog on their own, and he was placed in a forever home with a family that cared for him very well.

While things worked out well for the pup in the end, there’s plenty of risk in handling a situation of this nature as they did. If you find that you’re not getting the answers or response needed from the local authorities or animal control, a call to the mayor’s office or town council will usually get them properly motivated to check things out.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Animal Advocates Society

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