No One Could Identify This Animal When They Found Him, But Its Recovery Is Jaw Dropping (Video)

One poor dog was in such a horrible state, rescuers could barely tell he was a dog. The dedicated team spent hours helping him recover, but when it was over they had his tail wagging again.

The dog in India had fallen into hot tar and was lying covered in black goop, pebbles, and grass. He was stuck to the side of the road and looked more like the 'creature from the Black Lagoon' than a dog. An individual spotted the poor pup and called the India Animal Aid Unlimited.

Rescuers rushed to the dog's side. The poor pup was clearly terrified, with his eyes darting back and forth, but he couldn't move.

The team of rescuers rubbed the dog gently and lovingly with oil to help loosen him from the nasty goo. It took a total of three hours spanning two days to help get him clean again.

The rescue video shows the happy dog enjoying treats, happily wagging his tail. It would have been so easy to just pass the pup up, or to call the situation hopeless and put it to sleep. These caring people took the time, and the beautiful dog's life was spared.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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