Man Spots Pitbull Eating Something Strange - Reels Back In Horror When He Takes Closer Look

A California man was furious when his neighbor's dog attacked his own smaller dog. After the attack, he dragged the neighbor's dog into his house and slashed its throat.

Rudy Jesus Barajas, 30, wrestled his 10-month-old poodle puppy, Spunky, from the jaws of his neighbor's pit bull. He then dragged the pit bull into his home and slashed its throat with a knife. The pit bull died on the way to the veterinarian’s office. Barajas has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty.

Barajas' stepfather, Raul Romero, said the pit bull's attack occurred on Barajas' property, and that the dog had also tried to bite Barajas when he tried to rescue Spunky.

According to California law, property owners are entitled to protect themselves and their pets if attacked by another animal. Willful killing of an animal, however, may result in felony charges. According to animal services, Barajas' killing of the pit bull was not defensive.

Spunky survived the attack.

Source: ABC 7
Photo: YouTube

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