Homeowner Calls For Help After Finding Snake On The Lawn, Something's Wrong With Its Mouth

Finding a snake in your front yard can be a pretty distressing situation, so it’s not too hard to understand why this family in Florida felt the need to call for some help. However, there’s a bit more to this slithery tale than just fear, as the family called for help for a different reason entirely.

As AWM shares, the family called for help for the snake. The family discovered that the snakes mouth had been sewn shut. Responding firefighter Scott Mullin provided some more details in a post on Facebook.

“Well as you can see from the pictures someone {had sewn] her mouth shut. I have never seen this done. I did see a show once on snake charmers in India who sewed the mouths of cobras shut to insure they would not bite the snake charmer but this is a first for me here in the States,” he wrote.

Mullin was able to take the snake to a friend that breeds exotic snakes professionally, and the pair was able to remove the stitches from the poor snakes mouth. It’s unclear how long it had been sewn shut or for what reason, but speculation has centered on some sort of bizarre religious ritual.

Source: AWM
Photo: Scott R Mullin via AWM

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