He Stole A Woman's Purse - Never Saw The Dogs Coming Until It Was Too Late

There’s a pretty good chance this 15-year-old mugger will think twice before engaging in such harmful behavior in the future. He recently snatched the purse of a 56-year-old woman in New York City, and it looked like he had a clean getaway. As the New York Post reports, that getaway was quickly disrupted, and the teenager is lucky to be alive.

The teen had watched the victim exit an MTA bus in Queens. The unsuspecting woman placed her bag down on a bench for a second, and that’s when the enterprising young man sprang into action. He snatched the purse and hightailed it into nearby Springfield Park, but he had some company.

Two stray dogs chased the kid down and proceeded to maul him. It appears that the dogs, a German shepherd and a pit bull, saw the teen running and launched into attack mode for some unknown reason. They chased him down and began biting him, but luckily for the teen, cops were on the scene soon thereafter.

The cops were able to halt the attack, but something still wasn’t sitting right with the ferocious pooches.

“The dogs were still lingering, looking to get him. They were set up to continue their mauling,” according to a police source.

The cops had to call in the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit, and the dogs were subdued with the assistance of tranquilizer darts. The teen was rushed to Long Island Jewish Medical Center to tend to his injuries, and he was released to the custody of his parents - but not before being charged with petit larceny. As for the attack dogs, they were turned over to the Animal Care Centers of NYC in East Harlem.

According to local residents, the area is a hotbed of petty crime, but at least one resident is glad to hear the teen got his comeuppance.

“People get robbed there all the time. I hope they bit him in the ass,” the residence said.

Source: New York Post
Photo: New York Post

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