Girl In Tears Because State Laws Make Their Beloved Family Pet Illegal

Pets are like family. They cannot speak your language and you cannot speak theirs. However, people are able to form strong bonds with their pets that they are not even able to form with people in their lives. When a pet dies or is lost it is one of the most devastating events of a person's life.

One such pet was taken away from a family in Aurora, Colorado. Capone was a German Shepherd mix dog that had been with the Abbato family for almost a decade. They rescued him from the Animal Shelter of Adams Country. One day Capone jumped their fence and was picked up by Animal Control. They classified him as a wolf-hybrid. This even goes against their family vet, who also says Capone is a German Shepherd mix.

11-year-old Ciara Abbato talked to the press saying, "It's been real painful. I hope they let us keep him."

Capone's owner, Tracey Abbato said, "Our German Shepherd, Capone, got out Feb 24. He jumped the fence. It's the first time in the seven years since we've lived here. They say he is hybrid-wolf now and don't want to release him back to us because he is an exotic animal. I am 100 percent confident he is not a wold, not a doubt in my mind. It's hard for me. It's hard for my kids. He's a family member. We've had him for almost 20 years. We miss him. I don't understand. This dog has a loving, caring home. People who abuse dogs, leave them outside in 2-degree weather, how do they still have their dogs?"

The family tried to take Capone home but the animal shelter would not let them. They performed a DNA test to find out if he is, in fact, a wolf hybrid. If so, he would be shipped off to a wolf sanctuary or be put to sleep. Although the test is not back yet, the family has already taken their case to court which has grown a lot of traction in their area. The Aurora City Hall posted this on their Facebook page, "We want to thank everyone for the discussion surrounding the current case involving Aurora Animal Services. Because this is an ongoing legal case, we are unable to respond specifically to some of your comments, but please know that we are reviewing and compiling all of the comments we receive. We hope there will be an amicable resolution to this situation. Thank you."

Source: KDVR
Photo: KDVR

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