Family Notices A Sheriff Doing Something Strange - Realize What’s Happening

Members of law enforcement are certainly no strangers to rushing to the assistance of a community member in peril, but this officer from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s department has gained a bit of notoriety for his recent actions. In fact, he’s become a bit of a viral sensation after a witness posted the tale of his heroic efforts on Facebook.

As Fox 17 reports, Deputy Tony Boersema responded to a call that was unlike any other he had experienced during his time in uniform. It seems that a family of ducks had managed to get themselves trapped in a storm drain, and a concerned citizen knew they needed some assistance. Boersema was up to the task, and he was able to rescue several baby ducks from the drain - all while their mother paced nervously about.

“A local sheriff went above and beyond today to save a family. My family and I were pulling out of McDonald’s on Riley st and saw a momma duck circling a storm drain so I made my husband back up and so I could check it out. There were 12 baby ducks,” the witness posted.

The pics of Boersema rescuing the adorable ducklings has attracted quite a following, and it’s safe to say that he has a big fan in the form of one grateful momma duck.

Source: Fox 17
Photo: Fox 17

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