Family Has Serious Warning For Pet Owners After Losing Pet To Poisoning

One couple endured a heartbreaking ordeal over the weekend. On Saturday, their two healthy dogs suddenly started acting sick. By Monday morning, the two dogs had to be euthanized. They're not really sure what happened and are offering a reward for information.

The Utah couple said both of their dogs began acting strange out of the blue on Saturday night. They couldn't hold their bowels. The couple thought the dogs had contracted a common upset stomach virus. Things got progressively worse, with the dogs starting to look not just lethargic, but drunk. They started walking into walls.

By the time they reached the vet on Monday morning, it was too late. The vet said the dogs were suffering from ethylene glycol poisoning, a chemical found most commonly in antifreeze. They had little choice but to put the two dogs down.

“The vet said we would have to put Marley down, and we could try to treat Autumn but it would cost $3,000 a day and there was only a 25 percent chance she would live,” said dog owner Katrina Burrell.

The Burrells decided to put the two dogs to sleep together. “They put them on tables side by side, and they let us say all of our goodbyes, and talk with them for the last time," Burrell said, tearfully. "They put [Marley] down first. I watched him stop breathing, I watched his heart stop beating. They finished his injection and they started Autumn’s injection and she was terrified. I don’t think she was ready."

After the heartbreaking event, the Burrells went on a search to find the toxin that killed their dog. There was nothing on their property. “We searched our yard to see if there was anything in our yard, anything in our driveway that they could have gotten into that would have caused it," said Burrell. “I keep a very close eye on my dogs when they are outside in our yard... they never go out of my sight.”

The Burrells are offering a reward of $1,500 if anyone can provide information about what happened to their dogs. They believe it's possible that the dogs were deliberately poisoned.

Lt. Danielle Croyle with Ogden Police said the investigation has been closed. A snowmelt bag with anti-freeze inside of it was found in a neighbor's yard, and police suspect the dogs got into it. There's no way to prove if anything was given to the dogs intentionally.

Source: Fox 13
Photo: Twitter

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