Dog Notices Something Happening, Saves Owner's Life By Unbelievably Dialing 911

A golden retriever service dog practices rescue drills with her blind companion twice per day. When things hit the fan, the dog was well prepared to save the day.

Christina Colon, a blind woman, owes her life to her faithful service dog and friend, Yolanda. When a fire started in Colon's Philadelphia home in the early morning hours, Yolanda sprang into action.

Yolanda used a special emergency phone to dial 911 and alert authorities about the fire. He then rescued Colon, who is in her 60's, by alerting her of the fire and leading her out of the house.

Colon had to be treated for smoke inhalation but is otherwise fine. She says Yolanda is her hero-- the dog has saved her owner's life at least two other times. Once she called 911 when Colon collapsed and was unconscious, another time she barked to alert Colon that intruders had broken into the home in the middle of the night. Yolanda then chased them away.


Source: Mail Online
Photo: AWM

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